What is ANEMAN ?

ANEMAN is the first cross platform & cross vendor Audio NEtwork MANager.

ANEMAN allows you to connect, monitor, and manage your networked audio devices.
ANEMAN can Save and Recall a network patch to easily go from one audio network configuration to another.
ANEMAN will tell you when and why connection can not be made, will give you feedback on connection status and PTP clock status.
ANEMAN is an open solution allowing new manufacturers to add additional devices support or specific user interfaces modules.
ANEMAN has already received multiple awards from the industry: an IABM Design & Innovation Award 2017, a Satis Post-Production Screen4All 2017 trophy, a 2017 High End Munich Innovation Award from Audiohub.gr and an IBC 2017 Best Of Show Award from Audio Media International.
ANEMAN offers a comprehensive overall network summary display and matrix router. It will automatically manage streams on the network for you, while you setup your configuration on a higher level.
ANEMAN can be integrated in an existing system to extend compatibility or simplify network setup.
ANEMAN is a free and cross platform application. Currently supported versions are (Windows 7/10 and Mac OS 10.10+)

ANEMAN presentation video

ANEMAN Audio Network Manager on Windows 10 with a Pyramix MassCore, two Horus converters, Genelec Speakers, a Macbook Pro and a PreMo device

ANEMAN Audio Network Manager on Windows 10 with a Pyramix MassCore, two Horus converters, Genelec Speakers, a Macbook Pro and a PreMo device


Merging ANEMAN

Nicolas Sturmel from Merging Technologies presenting the new ANEMAN Audio Network Management Software on the AES Convention 2017 in Berlin.

Overview - Emerging ANEMan At BVE 2017

In this video from BVE 2017 at London Excel, Pro Tools Expert Technical Editor James Ivey talks to Paul from Emerging about a new free software too for the Audio over IP world - ANEMan. ANEMan by Merging Technologies is designed to manage all of your AOIP devices on a A-67 network no matter that protocol they use.

ANEMAN InBroadcast InSight at IBC 2017

Merging Technologies continues to show leadership in audio networking with its highly successful Horus and Hapi interfaces, ANEMAN network management software and OEM AES67 solutions with ZMan.

Merging ANEMAN

Nicolas Sturmel from Merging Technologies explaining ANEMAN at IBC2017

What are the compatible devices ?

Here below are the devices compatible with ANEMAN.
If you are a manufacturer and want your products to be integrated, see our manufacturer's questions and answers.


Frequently Asked Questions about ANEMAN Audio Network Manager. If you still have questions, just ask

What is the ANEMAN project ?

The ANEMAN project was started in 2014 by Merging Technologies and Digigram to design an audio networking connection monitoring and management system based on the same values as Ravenna: simple, open and free. But the project eventually ended up to be target to an ecosystem much larger than RAVENNA: AES67. By allowing every manufacturer to write its own plug-in for ANEMAN, we do not mandate any specific protocol, and we allow devices already on the market to be easily managed by ANEMAN. This is why existing Merging customers using HORUS and HAPI for the last 4 years can benefit from ANEMAN at no cost.

IABM Design & Innovation Award 2017

How does it relate to NMOS ?

NMOS is a discovery, control and management protocol of networked media devices. NMOS is basically a northbound API allowing manufacturers to write their own system operation and management software. ANEMAN has a pragmatic approach of being compatible with devices already in the market, therefore even if ANEMAN will use NMOS in the future, it will offer a much wider compatibility and workflow (system operation and management) driven experience.

What is the control protocol ?

ANEMAN does not require a specific control protocol, it uses plug-ins based on an open interface. Therefore, every manufacturer can be compatible with ANEMAN using their own (already implemented) protocol.

ANEMAN offers the possibility for users to download available plug-ins based on their level of stability.

I am an AES67 device manufacturer, how can I be ANEMAN compatible?

If you are a manufacturer interested in being ANEMAN compatible, see here for manufacturer questions & answers.

Is ANEMAN Compatible with Dante ?

Not as much as we want it to.
Starting version 1.0.1, ANEMAN can discover Dante/AES67 streams in ANEMAN and connect them to compatible devices, but you will not be able to control Dante devices or connect AES67 streams to Dante. If you are used to connecting AES67 streams to Dante devices, you can see ANEMAN as a reverse Dante Controller.

What is the ANEMAN roadmap ?

Following features are scheduled to be added to ANEMAN:

  • Free version: Dante AES67 streams discovery, PTP offset indicator, more manufacturers
  • Enterprise version: network management (switch control and configuration), web service, security, NMOS support

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ANEMAN version 1.2, 2019 release for macOS

Audio Network Manager, AES67, macOS version

ANEMAN version 1.2, 2019 release for Windows OS

Audio Network Manager, AES67, Windows version

ANEMAN 1.2 User Manual

ANEMAN Audio Network Manager User Manual, PDF document


Ross Video Bach Module with ANEMAN

Ross Video & Merging Technologies Partner to Enable Quick and Easy Innovation in AES67 & ST 2110 Audio Networking

Ross Video and Merging Technologies are pleased to announce a collaboration to integrate Ross Video products, including the recently-launched BACH Liberty, into Merging’s ANEMAN Audio Network Manager solution, thus creating a “full stack” solution enabling manufacturers that have already adopted the Dante Brooklyn II module to quickly and easily plug into new markets.


Merging Technhologies Focusing on Audio Over IP Solutions

Merging Technologies leadership in Audio over IP technology continues at IBC 2017. The company focus now moves the discovery and management of audio networks with ANEMAN, which is now included in the latest version of Pyramix.

Improved handling of RAVENNA setups

Improved handling of RAVENNA setups

Quickly following a major software release for its MONTONE.42 Audio-over-IP bridge, DirectOut has announced a further major improvement in adding support for Merging Technologies’ ANEMAN Audio Network Manager.

Nicolas Sturmel from Merging Technologies gets the IABM System Automation & Control for ANEMAN

IBC Was An IP Showcase For Merging Technologies

Merging Technologies continues to show leadership in audio networking with its highly successful Horus and Hapi interfaces, ANEMAN network management software and OEM AES67 solutions with ZMan.

ANEMAN selected for Inavate Awards 2018

ANEMAN shortlisted in the Technology category at the 2018 InAVation Awards

The finalists in the Technology categories at the 2018 InAVation Awards have been announced and ANEMAN has been selected! Voting is now open on the InAVation Awards website, voting closes on January 26 2018, and the awards will be announced during a gala dinner event on February 6, 2018.

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