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What is the ANEMAN project ?

The ANEMAN project was started in 2014 by Merging Technologies and Digigram to design an audio networking connection monitoring and management system based on the same values as Ravenna: simple, open and free. But the project eventually ended up to be target to an ecosystem much larger than RAVENNA: AES67. By allowing every manufacturer to write its own plug-in for ANEMAN, we do not mandate any specific protocol, and we allow devices already on the market to be easily managed by ANEMAN. This is why existing Merging customers using HORUS and HAPI for the last 4 years can benefit from ANEMAN at no cost.

IABM Design & Innovation Award 2017

What do I have to do to include ANEMAN support in my products ?

ANEMAN was designed about the simple idea: « we don’t want to require a firmware update or yet another control protocol ». To be supported by ANEMAN, you do not have to change your device, but you have to provide us with a software piece that can talk to your devices on your network. This so called « proxy plug-in » is installed on the computer running ANEMAN and may be downloaded from within the software or distributed by your own means.

Why do I have to develop my own plugin ?

ANEMAN is a free tool that Merging Technologies is supporting and improving over time. By providing a plug-in to ANEMAN you benefit (with no cost whatsoever) from this time and effort invested in the management platform. We think that this is a great opportunity for you to provide a free and simple to use connection management system to your customers.

Will you support NMOS, AES70, < add any super cool new control protocol here > ?

YES, we will eventually support any meaningful protocol for the ANEMAN users. If you want to help, just send us an e-mail. We can probably find a mutual beneficial arrangement.

What about Dante?

We are looking for a solution to support the AES67 API of the Dante system. We are waiting for Audinate to give us access to this API or for a third party manufacturer to develop such a plug-in.

What do I have to do to access the SDK ?

There is no NDA and no licence for developing a plug-in for ANEMAN. Just grab the SDK with the following link and ask us questions if you have troubles.

NOTE: If you developed a plug-in we would like to hear from you and add your company logo and products to our website.

Will my plug-in be used in ANEMAN Enterprise ?

We expect manufacturers that provide a plug-in for ANEMAN free to also provide the same plug-in for ANEMAN Enterprise. As far as direct distribution goes, this is a one to one agreement between Merging Technologies (distributing ANEMAN free and ANEMAN Enterprise) and the plug-in provider. Note that this is the exact same plug-in that is used in both versions of ANEMAN, apart from the platforms (Linux for Enterprise and Mac/Windows for free).

What about plug-in maintenance ?

We improve ANEMAN with reverse compatibility in mind. We have actually many mechanisms within the software that allow for maximum backward compatibility. We also have plug-in versioning so that we can detect old versions should a big API change occur.

Can my customers use ANEMAN ?

Absolutely. They can download the free version with no charge and if they want to be serious about that, we will be pleased to give them access to the Enterprise version or redirect them to a system integrator that has agreed to use the software.

Why are you doing this ?

We are doing this for two main reasons:

  • Helping our customers and selling more product by having a better user experience. Merging Technologies is often integrated with other manufacturers and for us AES67 and interoperability is a key feature that we want to give a easy user experience to.
  • Building the biggest ecosystem allowing specific network control and management solutions to appear. Our API is free and documented, anyone can develop a alternative solution to ANEMAN Enterprise and ask for the plug-ins.

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